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After over a decade of experience in marketing and creating and positioning brands online and in retail, and opening new markets throughout Europe, the UAE, and the USA, we developed our Growww Startups entity where we create our own brands and invest in technology startups using our expertise, knowledge and experience we utilized throughout our enterprenurial journey.

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Sports & Cosmetic


Unicorn is female sports and cosmetic brand with the desire  to make you become the best version of yourself. It's a brand that has originated with the idea of being an ideal partner in the moments you dedicate to yourself.

Unicorn aims to empower self-care, inviting women to join confidently. We're creating a community of empowered, confident women embracing self-improvement.



At Akai, we are proud to present our revolutionary and scientifically proven nano-tech products that combines cutting-edge technology with stylish design, all focused on safeguarding your well-being.

Our products are a breakthrough solution for proactive protection of human health against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Join us on our mission to prioritize your health!

Health & Suplements


The Ultimate Solution for UTIs

E-Drops is a 100% natural product that provides quick and effective support against urinary tract infections. It is produced under Canadian license, ensuring quality and safety. The product is made by Dr. Hasanagic, a renowned expert in medicinal herbs and alternative medicine, with a tradition spanning over 30 years. Our expertise and dedication led to the registration and licensing of E-Drops by the Canadian Ministry of Health.

Become a part of our success story.


Lucha T8

Lucha T8 is more than a tech start-up finding new scientific applications. Pushing forward a new way of living for people, we’re working to actualize a world where everyone can live free of fatigue, pain, and stress—and instead discover more energy for their modern lives, in harmony with nature’s frequencies.

Making calmness a lifestyle by creating a small, wearable device that anyone can wear as an accessory, our mission is to make healing and relaxation a conscious choice for our society.

Connect with Earth’s Natural Frequency 7.83 Hz

Saas & Sports


Fit yourself Up and improve your everyday life.

FitUp is a platform for you who know that it is time to change your habits and lifestyle. Our team of experts made specific programs of training, nutrition and coaching to help you achieve your goals.

Fit your kid Up.

Beside that our focus is on kids and our fundamental program which is specifically created to make your kid move in functional and corrective movement while having fun.



MyBody is a brand that supports and highlights women's natural beauty. Our mission is to show women that natural beauty is enough and that taking care of your skin means taking care of your health.

Enhance your natural beauty with MyBody product line for your everyday skincare.

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