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Project overview
Being a truly global consulting company with a widespread presence throughout Europe and Scandinavia, QFS pursued a new and refreshing rebranding strategy that would resonate with its brand values and messaging, which have been recognizable for nearly a decade. This comprehensive rebranding effort encompassed logo redesign, refining the brand's voice and tone through visual identity, and ensuring its consistent application across all graphic mediums in both online and offline channels.
Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, Wordpress
Scope of Work
Brand voice and messaging, Visual identity, Brand standards, Stationary design, Brand presentations & Pitch Decks, Website design & Development
Why redesign?
The existing design had become outdated, lacking the contemporary appeal necessary to resonate with our target audience. Additionally, the use of pale and unsaturated colors limited the logo's visual impact, failing to catch the viewer's attention effectively.

Furthermore, the unguided and unbalanced relationships between the elements within the logo created a sense of disarray, potentially leaving an unprofessional impression on our clients and customers. To uphold our commitment to excellence and stay relevant in the ever-evolving market, a fresh and revitalized logo was essential.
Brand standards & identity

In crafting the brand's visual identity, we artfully combined a traditional, trustworthy serif font with a modern, bold sans serif. This harmonious pairing creates a visual balance and a clean, legible look. The integration of two different typefaces represents a fusion of the serious, corporate feel from one and a modern, minimalistic approach from the other. This distinctive combination allows the logo to stand out independently and amidst busy surroundings, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Red is a color that exudes energy, evoking emotions and stirring motivation within us, compelling action to be taken. On the other hand, burgundy, a shade more refined than true red, conveys sophistication and seriousness. It symbolizes leadership qualities, controlled power, ambitious determination, and dignified action.

Web design & development

With a relentless commitment to excellence, our team tailored a website that seamlessly blends creativity with a sense of professionalism. Striking a fine balance between these elements was the primary focus throughout its design and development.

Through a meticulous interplay of design elements, we ensured that the website reflects the firm's dynamic nature while upholding its corporate identity.

Every aspect, from the color palette, through imagery and typography all up to the overall look, was carefully selected to align with the firm's vision, enhancing user experience and fostering a sense of trust and confidence in the consulting services offered.
In a fast-paced digital landscape, maintaining a harmonious balance between creativity and professionalism sets this website apart, making it a compelling online presence that resonates with clients and empowers the consulting firm to excel in its industry.
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